Documentation requirements for pickup of your shipment may differ depending on the destination and customer’s needs. We normally require a completed Shipper’s Letter of Instruction for international shipments.

For domestic shipments we can provide a multiple declaration bill of lading to list the various shipments and types of service requested. With prior agreement we can also provide a pickup receipt with a stamp giving you a receipt for pickup that also gives us our shipping instructions.

International shipments require a Commercial Invoice for Customs clearance and a U.S. Shipper’s Export Declaration for shipments over $2500. We can provide documentation preparation service upon request and can provide a quotation for these services.

Services can be provided on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at an extra charge. Contact your customer service representative or sales representative for information and rates. We can provide a fax or e-mail notification service to you and your consignees for a small additional charge.

Collect shipments are not available without special arrangements for express size shipments and for larger airfreight, ocean freight or truck freight shipments there would be additional charge for C.O.D. service unless the consignee has an account with Cargo-Link.

Depending on the number of shipments, we can either bill you on a per shipment basis or on a weekly billing basis if you are on our Airfreight and Express package program. A management report for the period involved will be prepared showing all shipping details and then sent with a weekly billing. Hard copies of any of the bills may be obtained on request.

Shipments under our Ocean Freight and Import program are billed on a per shipment basis due to the complexity of the invoices involved. Payments terms are as stated in the Terms and Conditions.

Details of Cargo-Link’s Liability Limits are included in the Terms and Conditions of Service. For domestic airfreight shipments and domestic truck shipments, liability is limited to $ 0.50 per LB, unless otherwise stated. For international shipments by airfreight on Cargo-Link bills, liability is limited to $ 9.07 per LB. Shippers can request higher liability limits at an additional charge of $ 0.50 per hundred dollars if declared at time of shipment. Any specific liability limits other than these will be governed by terms of contract printed on the back of the bill of lading or any other written notice. Since Cargo-Link utilizes the underlying services of airlines, truck lines and other carriers, the specific liabilities will match the carrier used if higher liability limits are allowed.