Since 1976, Cargo-Link has been providing premium services to shippers and consignees in the Intermountain West. From its headquarters the company provides its customers with a link to a transportation network throughout the United States and the World.With a modern building conveniently located near the Salt Lake City International Airport, Cargo-Link is positioned to respond to your transportation requirements. A well-trained staff and highly computerized operation makes the handling of shipments efficient and expeditious. The company operates a Customs Bonded Warehouse and its own fleet of vehicles, from van to tractor-trailer, meeting the needs of its diverse customers.For over 40 years the thing separating Cargo-Link from its competitors has been the hands-on approach to its customers. This tradition continues as the company experiences growth every year.


Cargo-Link has developed successful partnerships with other companies throughout the world. Membership in networks that maintain high standards of service and financial integrity provide a seamless method for door-to-door transportation throughout the world. Cargo-Link is a member of World Cargo Alliance, an organization with representatives in more than 94 countries throughout the world.

Cargo-Link is also an accredited member of IATA – the International Air Transport Association and Cargo Network Services – the organization representing airlines and forwarders in the United States. The company is licensed with the US Customs and Border Protection as a Customhouse Broker and also holds a license as an Ocean Transportation Intermediary issued by the Federal Maritime Commission in the United States. Under a separate division, Cargo-Link Express, the company holds a Motor Carrier Certificate and is authorized for transportation within the United States.

President & CEO Scott Ogden | Cargo-Link International


President & CEO

Previous experience was on the shippers side in International Marketing for Telemation Inc. a worldwide supplier of turnkey studio broadcast equipment. Serviced their branch offices located in more than 20 countries around the world. For more than 42 years has been forwarding business starting in 1976. Starting as a one person operation has grown company to provide all aspects of International Transportation and Customs Brokerage services. Developed extensive network of trusted and reliable agents in all major trading countries in the world. Also served as branch manager for Circle Freight International prior to starting Cargo-Link.


 Chief Operating Officer

James has 25 + years in supply chain management experience in managing transportation, distribution and e-commerce fulfillment with Cargo-Link International, Overstock.com, Liquidity Services, Bluestem Brands and the Air Force. He has led transportation departments with annual container and truckload shipments of 10,000 + and operations with a million + square feet, and over 800 employees while annually fulfilling 6 Million + online orders. He has been successful in negotiating and managing multiple 3PL operations and in building supply chain networks.


General Manager

Over 30 years in the business. Held position with Circle Freight International as Export Manager prior to joining Cargo-Link. Managed Export Airfreight for Cargo-Link and then was moved to Import Manager. Over 30 years experience with Cargo-Link, a seasoned expert in both import and export operations.

Dan Jorgensen Import Manager | Cargo-Link International

Mary Fisher Air & Ocean Export Supervisor | Cargo-Link International


Air & Ocean Export Supervisor

Mary started her career in International Forwarding at Cargo-Link and had been a valuable and dedicated employee learning all phases of domestic freight, air export and ocean export along the way. Her service has helped us maintain a high level of satisfied customers in her more than 20 year tenure at the company. Her knowledge and helpful attitude has made her a favorite among many Cargo-Link customers over the years.


Sales and Marketing Manager

Lindsay’s background includes experience in working with retail build-outs, reviewing franchise leases and overseeing store-openings for several companies nationwide. Experience as a national sales manager for a couture bridal manufacturing company, responsible for trade shows, input on product design & management of representatives in her regions.

Her 10+ years experience at Cargo Link include Import Operations with responsibility for customer support, and full responsibilities for Customs Clearance, transportation decisions, & execution. For the past five years she has been a sales executive providing solutions to new and established customers of Cargo-Link for the complete line of services the company offers.

Lindsay Ogden Sales Executive | Cargo-Link International


Domestic Freight Coordinator

Matthew’s experience includes more than 30 years at Cargo-Link in both the Export and Domestic departments of the company. Responsibilities included airfreight export operations and domestic freight managing company owned trucks and operations.

Now in charge of companies 3PL freight services for domestic shipments using any mode.

Matt Ogden Domestic Freight Coordinator | Cargo-Link International


Over the past 30 years, Cargo-Link has worked with some of the finest companies, both large and small.

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World Cargo Alliance is the premier global network of independent international freight forwarders. With 1101 member offices in more than 160 countries. World Cargo Alliance carefully selects only companies with experience and expertise to join the most powerful group in the logistics industry. Members are constantly monitored to ensure high standards are maintained; they know they are always working with partners and agents that can move your shipments with unrivaled reliability and speed of response. Shippers and buyers everywhere can take advantage of World Cargo Alliance members’ financial strength and local knowledge, whatever the cargo.

World Cargo Alliance was formed in 1998 to provide top independent international freight forwarders with effective means of communicating with each other to establish and maintain business partnerships that would benefit shippers and buyers worldwide. Choice was an important innovation then, with members able to select the most suitable partner in any one port to handle a client’s shipment, instead of – like other networks – having only a single partner in a market who may not be a specialist in your business.

World Cargo Alliance is a founding group of the WCA Family of Logistic Networks. WCA Family’s unique, innovative approach provides shippers and buyers with a forwarding network of professional companies that know their business and yours. World Cargo Alliance members have the expertise to treat you as a valued client and handle your shipments with care and skill.

Global Ocean Agency Lines, L.L.C. (“GOAL”) is an integrated supply chain solution provider. With over 100 offices worldwide, GOAL provides cost-effective distribution solutions between 30 + countries. Our unique business model was designed around a partnership between logistic providers and customers. 

Each GOAL office is managed around the entrepreneurial principal of developing distribution solutions which are flexible and specific to the needs of the customer. Local office autonomy coupled with a centralized information center, located in Shanghai, provide state of the art information technology and person-to-person support. We strive to build long-term customer relationships on a shipment-by-shipment basis. 

Our business model is solutions oriented, customer driven and grounded with our most important asset – people. GOAL services span the spectrum of customers with infrequent air and ocean shipments to large scale 3PL platforms.

Global Ocean Agency Lines Logo | Cargo-Link International

Cargo-Link holds a certification from U.S. Customs for C-TPAT approval:

C‐TPAT seeks to safeguard the world’s vibrant trade industry from terrorists, maintaining the economic health of the U.S. and its neighbors. The partnership develops and adopts measures that add security but do not have a chilling effect on trade, a difficult balancing act.

Customs - Trade Partnership Against Terrorism Logo | Cargo-Link International