By NCBFAA December 28, 2020

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has released its Strategy 2021-2026 report. The annual report from the agency includes 12 strategic objectives for the next five years.

“The 2021-2026 strategy will guide our strategic decisions and shape our agency’s future,” said Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan in a statement. “CBP’s success as a threat-based, intelligence and data-driven, operationally focused enterprise absolutely depends on how well we focus on our mission priorities to make CBP stronger, more efficient, and more effective.”

In the multifaceted report CBP noted that it will continue to ensure trade is “safe and secure” by pursuing the following goals:

  • “Efficient trade facilitation” by streamlining administrative processes to “increase efficiency, lower costs, and reduce processing times of trade compliance using new and updated trade agreements and policies, and account-based system.”
  • “Risk-based enforcement” by supporting a “level playing field through risk-based analytics and intelligence-driven enforcement,” achieving “early identification, deterrence, and disruption of potential trade violations.”
  • “Innovative and sustainable e-commerce” by establishing “a new paradigm for trade enforcement of unprecedented e-commerce growth through new global models for e-commerce trade enforcement and enhancing collection of revenue.”